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Friday, 28 January 2011

My #OneFortyOne twitter hashtag

[ Short link to this article if you need it - ]

Just in case anyone sees a tweet of mine tagged with #OneFortyOne, it came about when one night I was listening to music into the early hours and decided to post a tweet with some lyrics from the song I was listening to at the time ♫. Afterwards I added the text "(No-one will read this at 1:41am will they?)"

So from then on I decided that if I was listening to music at 1:41am my time I'd tweet some lyrics from whatever I was listening to, and it'll always be tagged one #onefortyone. So now you know. Why not try it too - lets be honest - any followers in your local time zone up at that time aren't going to be looking for any particularly intellectual tweets anyway :-) (Having said that, rather inevitably someone in another time zone (Canada) pointed out that it wasn't 1:41am!)

If you want to follow my listening habits, which will usually include any #OneFortyOne entries, then you're welcome to friend me on where most of my music listening is dynamically posted, wherever I'm listening.

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