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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Four things you didn't know facebook allowed you to do

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This seemed like a good time to post this draft I've had given that Facebook is in the process of announcing some new privacy changes including tagging approvals and the ability to reset visibility of a post after you've posted it (instead of having to withdraw and repost as at present) and they are, of course another step in the right direction. There is a lot of information on the net from people who say that facebook isn't that great at privacy, and giving you control over your own data. And, well they're often right as I've said before. However there are a few things that I've heard people say that Facebook should provide, but they actually already do (and could do before Google+ before anyone starts). Here's a list, and how to access them (at the time of posting - they may move it of course - the last one's moved since I posted this!):

  1. Have your stream set to view just people in a list (like G+ circles)

    "Most recent" dropdown - select a group to see only those people

  2. Download everything in your account

    "Account -> Account settings -> Download your information"

  3. Make some or all of your lists "visble" by choosing to include them above the full friends list on the left of your profile

    "Profile -> Edit Profile -> Friends & Family -> Featured Friends"

  4. View your profile as it appears publicly, and as any given user

    "Account -> Privacy -> View Settings (near the top) -> Preview my profile"

    "Profile -> Edit Profile -> View As (Top Right)"

The last of those is one that Facebook's new "View Profile As" will make more prominent, which has to be a good thing given how far deep in the system it's currently hidden

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